Our Values

“We live our values every day: mutual respect, diversity, inclusiveness and transparency.”

Mutual Respect

When we respectfully discuss different opinions and views with each other, we give ourselves the opportunity to enrich the conversation, understand new perspectives, and grow as an organization, as a business, and as human beings. Our goal is learn from each other’s experiences, regardless of whether it’s feedback from store associates in Switzerland or from the many countries around the world where we now have Läderach operations.
«I feel the respectful interaction in this company every day. This is the ability to speak and be heard, even if one’s opinion is new or different from the status quo.»
Christina Wu
Marketing Americas


Läderach is a lively, innovative company that thrives precisely because of the diversity of the people who strive on a daily basis to make it a successful business. We value the diversity of our employees, who come from 47 countries. More than half of our management team is female, and we work to promote equal opportunities in the workplace for all associates.

«I am a homosexual woman ... and (in Läderach's case) I do not feel like a number, but I feel valued as a person, as a woman.»
Emanuela lo Piccolo
Chocolaterie employee


At Läderach, inclusiveness is written in capital letters. For us, all people are equal and have the same rights – regardless of their background, beliefs and way of life. Every day we are in contact with the most diverse people. Everyone has their own views, opinions and philosophies of life. And we show the same appreciation and openness to all these people. It does not matter whether the views and opinions are in line with our own or not. What unites us all is the love of the finest chocolate and our values.
«In our company we live a friendly, respectful, decent and mutually respectful way of dealing with each other ... at all levels, exemplified by our bosses.»
From a letter to the editor from three employees in Südostschweiz dated 22 June 2020


Transparency is core to how we communicate as a business, and how we source, produce and market our products. Whether it’s internally or externally, by communicating openly about our actions, needs and acknowledging our vulnerabilities, we can learn from each other and develop further to ensure the highest, freshest quality product.
«What is important to us: Läderach is just as interested in a fair price as we are in our well-being as cocoa farmers.»
Cocoa Farmer from Ghana
Logo Laederach

Mission Statement