Elias Läderach is the first swiss contestant to win the World Chocolate Masters!

Elias Läderach has become the first Swiss person to win the World Chocolate Masters in Paris. The renowned world championship for the world’s 20 top chocolatiers was held in Paris from 31 October to 2 November 2018. In addition to taking the title, Elias Läderach also won the press award and placed first in four of the seven categories: Chocolate Showpiece, Chocolate Snack to Go, Chocolate Design and Chocolate Bonbon. 

Elias Läderach earns top marks for Switzerland

A year of playing around with recipes and designs paid off. Elias Läderach received the following scores in the various categories at the World Chocolate Masters:

Results Final 2018 
Elias Läderach (Switzerland)552 Points
Yoann Laval (France)529 Points
Florent Cheveau (USA)517 Points


Chocolate ShowpieceElias Läderach
PastryFlorent Cheveau
Chocolate Snack to goElias Läderach
Praline (Chocolate Bonbon)Elias Läderach
Chocolate Travel CakeBarry Johnson
Press AwardElias Läderach
Chocolate Design «City of Tomorrow»Elias Läderach
Chocolate Bar of the FutureTor Stubbe
Public VoteYassine Lamjarred

World Chocolate Masters 2018: the future of chocolate enjoyment.

In the year 2025, one-half of the world’s population will live in megacities with 10 million inhabitants or more. In these cities, gastronomy will meet art and design, and sustainability will be a key issue. How will these places influence the taste experiences of the future? What will the next generation of chocolate and pastry creations look like? These questions were the focus of the World Chocolate Masters 2018, which was held from 31 October to 2 November 2018 at the Salon du Chocolat Paris. A total of 20 master chocolatiers from around the world presented their answers to these questions in six product categories, and reproduced their creations live in front of the jury and audience. Elias Läderach, who represented Switzerland at the competition, impressed with his innovative recipes, the extraordinary aesthetics of his work and his artisanal perfection.

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